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We perform the Digital transition assessment, planning and execution holistically.


We know from our own experience that technology only counts for 30% of the challenge to become a digitally enabled company. Still, most companies are applying old-school methods and tools to deal with a world that has fundamentally changed.

How it is today:

  • Manual intensive, only parts of the processes are standardized, automated and coordinated.
  • Silo configuration in work processes, data, and software. Multiple data entry points for same data sets. Manual handshakes and disconnected finance.
  • Unstructured knowledge and highly underutilized use of data for decisions. 

Applying the right digital enablers to enable you to reach beyond incremental improvement.


Once we have finished our initial analysis of our client's environment, we utilize as much as possible of what the client already has. Then we orchestrate and apply the right digital components to make it possible to start harvesting insight and prepare for precision closed-loop control.

Prelude for change: 

  • Preparation for autonomous operation. We harvest insight from dark data for real-time predictive analytics to impact multiple aspects of increased efficiency and safer operation.
  • We redesign core elements in the operational design to increase flexibility and effectiveness of current capabilities and new vital elements. 

We enable you to break free from the realm of functional silos inside the company.


With the use of our advisory services, our AI technology and O&G expert team, We help companies safely transition from being based on a conventional operational philosophy from the 20th century into digitally native companies with the digital muscles to compete in a hyperconnected world.  

Enable the future through:

  • Liberating the hidden value from the ~99% dark data through extraction of knowledge from silos and unstructured data sources.
  • Integrated code free intelligent business process management,  autonomous operations and equipment management.
  • Reduced HS&E exposure and increased effectiveness through the extended use of AI and autonomous mode to augment human precision.

Now Ask yourself

Are your digital projects delivering what they promised?


Are your digital initiatives not generating the expected results or delivering better answers? Strong O&G domain expertise is an absolute requirement to deliver robust connected solutions where technology meets physics.

Are your digital projects changing the culture?


 Technology represents only 30% of the challenge related to digital business transformation while often it is getting 100% of the attention,  The real challenges are related to the fabric that runs the company, the legacy solutions in silo, operating model and philosophy.

Are your digital projects reducing complexity and risk?


Most bolt-on solutions that are being offered and deployed onto the current legacy,  should be considered to be technology distractions that is increasing technological complexity and operational risk aspects.  

The value proposition and potential benefits from digital

Examples: Production loss prevention

By leveraging analytics and autonomous capabilities you can  narrow the window from a negative business event before it is about to impact your operation and take appropriate action based on broad operational insight.

Examples: Production loss mitigation

Removing legacy components such as  the PLC  technology in the field and replace it with technology capable of provide insight from real time high resolution data and historical events appropriate actions can be suggested and applied.

Examples: Production optimization

Use cognitive learning of operational parameters and INVATARE technology to enable tasks to be performed autonomously at well site. Only allowing for exceptions to be handled by remote operations centre and reduce manual labour has the potential of increase maintenance productivity, maintenance cost and reduce the asset risk by 5-20%

We are different!

Digital transformation in O&G require a change process not limited by todays boundaries .

We are a technology company,  We use distributed AI towards the perfection of driving connected autonomous oilfields as an ecosystem. However, technology alone will not unleash the full potential. This is why we have added specific domain services to ensure your digital efforts provide maximum return on your investments.

We utilize a unique composition of partnerships and competencies to make a lasting impact both to the deeper business machinery and to the fabric the company runs upon.

•Re-design of the operating model and philosophy preventing digital change.

•Meaningful governance aligned with company vision and strategy.

•We are mindful of the cultural aspects involved in change, and people are at the center of our solution.

•People are empowered, not alienated. 

•Incentives are holistically aligned with goals and vision.

•Technology is for us a tool and not the goal in itself. 

And we always keep our eyes on the big picture! 

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Breaking new ground like using AI to achieve self-driving capabilities to make the oilfield autonomous is a lonely journey.  

We do not chase the small single digits continuous improvement opportunities like others. We are obsessed with helping serious CEO's in the industry looking for actionable initiatives that will reposition and leapfrog their company away from competitors.

We are now in the position to provide intelligent solutions to the field that utilizes distributed artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning to help you take better decisions faster, run your ecosystem of assets at optimal performance to maximize return on capital deployed. 

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